WTB list at next Ecra's meeting in september

Dear fellow collectors,
Below is a list of the cartridges I’m looking for.
If you have some for sell, please feel free to make me an offer.

Austria :
18.84x57R Wänzl Mle 1871 no hstp

Belgium :
11,7x59R Montigny no hstp
11x70R Montigny B

Denmark :
12x15 pinfire Mle 1865 A

France :
9 mm treuille de beaulieu Mle 1852 no hstp
23x100R Claxton FAB Chaudun et Deriviere Paris CLAXTON INV

Great britain :
.476" enfield MK I no hstp
.303" enfield MKIII R/I\L C III
.65" gatling no hstp

Holland :
11,3x45R remigton carbine no hstp
17,5x29R ( .69” Snider ) 18 “crown” 68 W

Italy :
12x15 pinfire Mle 1865 L 1866 P “grenade”
10,35x20R Italian Mle 1874 T 75

Norway :
17x32RF Snider no hstp

Portugal :
7,65x21 parabellum Mle1904 * / AE / * / 1910 /

Russia :
20,8x96,6R B III ß 77

Serbia :
15,5x35R Serbian Peabody Mle 1870 G or A OS G *

7,9 Mauser cartridges

Beschuss (black primer headstamped B, J 8 12 S)
Spitz-phosphorpatrone (conical bullet H 5 18 S67)
Eisenachpatrone (rounded tombak bullet, red primer seal 4 18 S67)

Treibpatrone alte Art für Propagandagranate (crimp with red neck)
Treibpatrone neue Art für Panzergranate (black primer seal)
Treibpatrone GG/P40 (long golden wood ball)

8 mm Lebel cartridges	

armor percing type Poignon
Incendiary (long brass bullet PH1)
blank Mle 1886C (flat nose paper bullet)
blank Mle 1887 (rolled paper bullet)
blank Mle 1889 ENT (flat nose wood bullet)
blank Mle 1890 (round nose paper bullet)