Wtb match cartridges

I am always looking for a few U.S. Match boxes for my collection. I’ll pay top dollar or make a trade offer that you’ll like. I need the following:

Cal .30 (30-06) MATCH T291, Lot numbers FA 1 and FA 2
Cal .30 (30-06) MATCH M72, Lot number FA 120
Cal .30 (30-06) MATCH T291, Lot LC 12000
7.62MM MATCH M852, Lot number LC-94J301S443
7.62MM MATCH XM118, lot number FA 1
7.62MM MATCH XM118, Lot number FAX 7.62-1-62
Cal .30 (30-06) BALL, Lot number TW 41279

I’ll take full boxes, partial boxes, or empty boxes.