WTB Original 1867 Copy of Rückladungs - Gewehre . Fragmente ihrer Entstehungs - und Entwickelungs - Geschichte by A. Mattenheimer

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Aaron, Have you found an original of the above book? I have been looking that book for years. The only ting I ever found is a copy of the 1876 edition in a vinyl 2 ring binder. It has a Swiss Martini on the front cover. It has a lot of plates of Rifles/Ammunition with writing on the plates. You may have this already,if not it is available for $55.00 plus shipping
Jim Alley

I have not. I have seen the reprints of it. There are some of the reprints on Abebooks.

This Dutch library has scans of them:


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Those scans are great Aaron - thanks for providing the link.

There is one thing that is confusing me and I must be missing something here - How can the date of the publication be 1867 when there are M72, M84, M88 etc rifles shown/detailed ??

I know that the Mattenheimer book “Cartridges for Breech-Loading Rifles” is supposed to be 1868 - perhaps there is some confusion between the two books.?

The first edition of the book from 1867 or 1869 showed a Henry lever action pointing to the left on the title page.
There was a second edition (possibly containing new pages 103 through 111) in 1890. I think the page shown by Aaron with “Neuer Abdruck” added, showing a turnbolt action pointing to the right, would indicate this is the 1890 version.
The above is from library records. I have not handled real copies.

That makes sense Jochem.

Thanks for the additional info.

Aaron, be on your guard when buying an original.
From the author’s foreword to the 1869 delivery (dated on the main title page, but 1867 on the book cover), the following became clear.

The book was originally not published in one single volume, but was divided into 5 deliveries (called Hefte by him). The first delivery in 1867 contained only plates I through XXX. The fifth and last delivery of 1869 contained plates LXXXIX through XCI (Gatling gun) plus a trajectory table numbered XCII. So any complete(!) volume of the 1867-1869 edition should contain 92 plates consecutively numbered from I to XCII. The front matter pages are not paginated.

The later extended reprint of 1890 has 111 pages, like the one linked from the Netherlands (former Legermuseum copy).

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I’m aware of three different editions: 1867 (Henry on the cover), 1876 (Martini-Henry on the cover) and 1890 (bolt action repeater on the cover). I have scanned copies, not originals.



Great information, Fede. I found an entry for the 1876 edition in the Swiss military library (Bibliothek am Guisanplatz) catalogue. It is listed as having 102 pages, which explains the 1890 edition having additional pages 103 through 111.