WTB Paper Shotshells from Winchester, Robin Hood, USCo and UMCCo


WTB Paper and Brass Shotshells from Winchester, Robin Hood, UMCCo and USCCo.

Please send me your lists. Need good quality shells to fill gaps in my collection

chipterry70@gmail .com

Thanks Terry


I have a nice group of Robin Hood shotshells that I can part with. Will you attend SLICS 2018?


Hi Floyd,

Will not be attending SLICS 2018.

Send me a list of what you have.

Thanks, Terry


Tomorrow is load-up day and leaving for Louisville, Ky. Gun Show early Thurs.
I will attempt to get a list to you before leaving. If necessary it may need to wait until I get home.
The shotshells are not part of my show stock, so they are not in danger of being sold.
Do you have a wanted list of other shotshells wanted to buy?
Good collecting,



Here is a list of Winchester shells that I have, need what’s not on the

Thanks, Terry


The list of shotshells promised is attached. Let me know if you have any interest.
This is my first time sending an email through the IAA Forum. I hope I am not doing
anything against any rules.
The last email you sent was to include a list of Winch. shotshells. The list was not attached
or I am too computer illiterate to find it. My wife did the scan and attachment to my email.
I have no idea how that magic is accomplished.
Good collecting,

robinhood20180220.pdf (2.68 MB)


Hi Floyd,

Send me your email address.