WTB Roth-Steyr clip

I’m looking for a stripper clip for my Roth-Steyr pistol.

I’ve heard rumors of a reproduction being in the works, but nothing concrete.

Have you tried Numrich Arms Gun Parts?

Yes, they don’t carry anything for the Roth-Steyr 1907 pistols. They have clips for the preceding and subsequent Steyr models, however - the Mannlicher 1905 and Steyr-Hahn 1912/1912.

If you have a picture of one, I’ll look around for you.

Same here, pictures and dimensions and I can look also. I collect clips and think I might have a spare, but want to be sure, as I am not positive on this exact model.

I grabbed a few photos from other forums. It’s certainly unique among the other Steyr pistol stripper clips.


Thanks for the pictures.
Nope. Do not have a spare to sell.

Just one other thing to mention in your quest.
There are two of these that are very similar. One for a Roth Sauer and one for a Roth Steyr. They look alike, however the Steyr one holds 10rds and the Sauer hold less. Also piece wise, they run $100+, just so you know.

Thanks for checking. I am aware of the prices these fetch. This is like looking for a Prideaux loader rather than a moon clip!

If you happen to come across one available, please drop me a line.