Wtb - slics 2021

I’ll be attending St Louis this year, if it still happens. I’m interested in .50 BMG caliber (12.7x99), 12.7x108, 14.5x114, .50 BAT (12.7x77) rounds, derivatives such as .30/.50, .50/.60, .50/20mm, etc. and experimentals such as .50 Trounds, .50 Lockless, .50 Folded, etc.

Particularly interested in European and Asian .50 BMG loads (if any of our foreign collectors are allowed into the country this year).

Feel free to contact me in advance for questions, pricing, etc., otherwise, I’ll be there for face to face discussions.

Keith Pagel

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bring a few extras of special purpose (especially those with pretty color tips!) you can hold back the $500 versions :slight_smile:

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