Wtb some rare pieces

Looking for at German ECRA meeting :

20x138B German red plastic DUMMY
7,92x107 BK headstamp
7,92x207 no Headstamp - plain ( early polish production)
7,92x95 SMKHRS steel case

5,9x71 Mondragon Polte headstamp
9,3x60 Peterlongo
6,3x68 Mondragon
5,6x42R Bartsch -Peterlongo
6x49 Nikonov xpl
6,5x63 Neuber /GR982/
7x36 Danish Madsen
7x44 Danish Madsen long
7,5x37R Rubin
7,62x62 Sjögren
7,92 mm British Enfield xpl
7,92x30 Polte xpl
7,9x45 Polte xpl
8mm Dormus
8x22 Krnka
8x53 Hebler-Lorenz
8x53,5 Marga
8x57R Rubin XPL
9x35 Lahti
11mm Bergman
Please offer with pictures PM

7.92 British Enfield? I’m going to have to look into this! Most of this list seems to be my wish list!

Do you have some piece for trade?

Sadly I’m in Australia