WTB/T Blue, One-Piece Winchester 9mm Luger Box

I am working on a future section of my IAA Journal series on Winchester 9mm Luger boxes. I am interested in adding some of the earlier blue,one piece boxes to my collection. Particularly the early ones like the one pictured below. I am extremely interested in obtaining a sample of this box.

If you don’t want to sell it, then please send me the date code stamped inside the end flap.

The later blue boxes with the banner across the bottom which also says “NON-MERCURIC” in red are also of interest to me, depending on the date code on the end flap. If you don’t want to sell or trade them, please at least let me know the date code.

Any help appreciated.


PS: I am EXTREMELY interested in any Winchester 25rd 9mm Luger boxes. In fact I am extremely interested in ANY 25 round 9mm Luger boxes by the US pre-WWII US companies (Rem-UMC, USCCO, Peters, Western, etc)

I have one 9mm 25 round box by Rem-UMC. Full set of photos on my site: bobscartridges.com. Under the Remington-Peters section. A gun shop here in town has a few of the blue Winchester boxes (not sure which calibers) - I’ll check with him this week.

OOPS, sorry Lew - that is a 9mm Browning Long box that I have. But I’ll let you know how the blue box search comes out!

Lew - I have two of the blue boxes in my collection. They are not identical to what you show, however, so not sure you want the info on them, but will give it on the chance you do. The only differences on them are that on the bottom of the label, actually rolling over the edge to the side label, is “OILPROOF” (which may be cropped out of the picture you show; I simply don’t know), and the words “U.S.A. Patent Pending” are printed right over the very bottom of the word “STAYNLESS” in blue print (the same color for the “OILPROOF” marking mentioned).

One box is for 9 m/m LUGER FULL PATCH and the other is for 9 m/m LUGER HOLLOW SOFT POINT. I would consider the the description of HSP erroneous, as the bullet, which is GM Truncated has the jacket rolling over into the HP. There is no lead apparent as in a SN bullet. Headstamp is W.R.A. 9 M-M, with a nickel primer and blue seal. There is no case cannelure, even though so-shown in the label drawing. Code inside the flap is 111 17. All three of the “1” markings are the same, indicating to me that all are the number one, in classic hooked “nose” and with the serif line across the bottom.

The FMJ box has a code of A91 22. This box has two box samples in it. Years ago, when I likely acquired this box, If I got a second box exactly the same, I would keep one round of each in only one of the boxes, as I considered the second box as redundant to my collection. I had no interest then in what I thought were “lot numbers.” Today, I would keep both boxes, but knowledge increases, and I have no idea what I did with the other box. Probably gave it away. The two rounds are a W.R.A. 9 M-M headstamp with identical characteristics to the HP round mentioned, other than being FMJ, and a round headstamped “W R A 9 M/M LUGER,” with a case cannelure, and nickel primer with red primer seal. The bullet is identical to that in the round of the first box.

To me, these should be WWII production, or shortly after WWII.

By the way, I just noticed that the “top label” is duplicated on both sides of the box, except that the second one, which I assumed to be the back label, does not have the “OILPROOF” or “Patent Pending” markings, and therefore are identical to the picture you show. Never noticed that before now.

Hope this is of some help.

John Moss

The FMJ load

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John M.

Checked the local shop and he has 3 blue boxes (identical) with " NON-MERCURIC, STAYNLESS" on the lower banner, W is not shaded. Hollow point with W R A h.s. (wide spaces no periods). The lot# on the one I checked is 61 17. They are for sale. I have photos if you like. Also he has 9mm Luger boxes (50 rd.) in Peters, Remington ‘dogbone’, 1946 style Remington and 1940’s Winchester. Also have photos of those,