WTB: The Rimfire Cartridge in the U.S. & Canada - Book

Hello all,

I have been searching online (eBay and alike) for John Barber’s book entitled, The Rimfire Cartridge in the United States & Canada.

On Amazon.ca, the book (used) would cost me around $400 CAD.
On eBay, with the currency conversion and fees, the book would cost me around $240 CAD.

I was hoping someone through the IAA may want to sell their own copy, and if not, I understand. I wouldn’t sell the book if I owned it either!

None the less, if you own a copy of this book and are interested in selling, please PM me, or send me an e-mail.

Thank you,

Dave, in some ways it is a good book, but not worth anywhere near $240 CAD. Poor photographs and oo many mistakes or assumptions come with it.

I would look for Chuck Sudam’s The Rimfire Cartridge it may not show the really rare stuff but it’s pretty good & if you don’t have it you should get it…

In a back issue of the IAA journal Jim Scones published an article of identifying unheadstamped rimfires. see 446/38

Hope this is of use.

Thank you for that info Pete! I will definitely look for Chuck’s book instead. I hope I will be able to find a copy!



I will sell you my copy if you like. It is in very good condition. $200 plus shipping as that is pretty much what I have into it, but I do agree with Pete. There is however some information in this book that you will not find in Suydam’s book.



Suydam’s book is working so far. I will have to save up for the other book I originally requested. Thank you very much!


Ok, no problem. I searched a long time ago and the best price with shipping included was $205 according to my receipt in the book I kept, but I said $200 and that is what I would take if you ever want it. It as an extra mylar cover over the jacket.


I’ll sell you one for $100.00 plus $14.95 shipping, Dave Call at : www.ammo-one.com