WTB Tony Edwards book on 303

Is anyone still publishing Tony’s books? I searched around with no luck.

I was hoping to find a copy of his materials on 303 ammo.

Dave Kuchta

I wonder if it would be possible for IAA to get permission from his heirs to publish them in digital form on the IAA website?

Hi Dave
I thought they were still being advertised in the back of the IAA journal. Ken Elks now owns them.
At any rate, here they are & the postage to Maine would be $7.45 for either or both. Make the check out to me.
Headstamps & Markings on .303 inch British Service Ammunition., by A. O. Edwards. $20.00

Headstamp Guide: .303 inch British Service Ammunition ., by A. O. Edwards. $55.00

PS these were out on my table at SLICS this year.

Most of the info is on his website from the 2 books, I have all the headstamps to add but with sorting out all the reference collection and the website it will take me many years to get everything from his 2 .303 books on the site.


Solo Publishing sells them:

Dave is in the USA so I can sell him the books without his paying postage from England.
All money paid except the postal fees goes to Ken. I’m doing it for the US & Canadian buyers so they don’t have to pay the high postage rate to get them from Ken.

Thanks Pete - sorry, I should have said that I was posting that so that anyone else who was looking would see the link.

Is there a ‘sticky’ thread here (or should there be) that has info on where to get some of these books? I know that both you and Mel (and probably others) are a valuable resource in this area. I’ve certainly added valuable books to my library through your help and that of Mel. It would be invaluable to people who are trying to track down such books.

No problem Mayhem No blood, no foul (now where have I heard that?)

I advertise for Ken in the free adverts in the back of the IAA journal. Also haul them to any shows I go to.

As to stickies, as there are a lot of folks here that I can’t send to as it would defeat the whole thing on saving postage I’d rather not deal with it.

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