WTB/WTT inert military rifle & pistol ammunition

Want to buy some collectible military rifle, MG and handgun ammo, deactivated / inert (Russian laws prohibit live ammo unless you have a license to firearm in particular caliber). Also can trade for some Russian military small arms ammo (inert)

here’s what i want:
5mm Clement / Carola y Anitua
6.5mm Mannlicher pistol M1894
7.62x25 Type 64 (Chinese subsonic for SMG)
9mm AUPO
.380 SMG (9x17)
11.35 Schouboe
.38 Dardick tround
.50 Dardick tround
7.92x40 CETME (long Voss bullet)
7.62x51 CETME (long Voss bullet)
5.56mm folded
5.56mm Steyr SCF for ACR
4.9mm HK caseless dummies for G11
7.62x51 SLAP
7.5x58 M1924C French
.50 Anthis (12,7x57)

please PM or email with your offers

From Russia with love… and gun ;)