WTB/WTT: Variations of 9mm WRA and WCC headstamps

Again, while working my Olin/WCC/WRA 9mmP collection I found that I was missing two headstamps:

The first is a WCC headstamp found on cases made in Isreal.

The Olin designation of this cartridge is apparently Q3131A. If you have or see a Winchester or Western box with this Q3131A designation (or any Q3131 variation) check it closely, it may be interesting. Apparently these were produced from about 1999 into the mid to late 2000s.

I’ll pay $200 or equivalent trade for a box of these or $25 for a single round.

The other is a variation on the extremely common WWII W.R.A. 9M-M headstamp, but without the dots. Again, I may have seen many of these and not noticed them but do not have one in the collection. If you have a box of them, please let me know. I would like to date them.

Many thanks!!!