WTK: .22 FMJ Caliber Penetration Tests

Have any recent studies been done on the penetration capabilities of new .22 caliber “defense” loads? Particularly interested in any tests that examine .22 magnum FMJ.


I’m not certain as to how well terminal performance fits into the forum guidelines.

Please PM me and I can give you several links to well-vetted (and some not so well vetted) tests on .22WMR and other cartridges.

Short version: In handguns, I’ve never seen a consistently expanding .22 rimfire that had dependably adequate penetration (12"+); and non-expanding bullets in that cartridge/caliber range typically create adequately deep but very narrow uncomplicated wound tracks. Many .22 rimfire platforms can be had in more capable calibers (S&W J-frame, Ruger rifles, et al).