WTS: Here's my list of dupes

Make me an offer… would like to clear some of this out. This is missing some fields in the display, so happy to email you the full list.

Caliber designation country Type headstamp Projectile desc Projectile stamp primer case type notes or other comments
12.7x108 Yugoslavia none NK 79 none NUPC brass NUPC
12.7x99 50bmg display set of some sort(qty3 AP/Inc/tracer) USA mixed DM 45 red/blue/black none brass 3 fired rounds, display bullets inserted
12.7x99 50bmg USA EOD rocket wrench L C 6 9 none electric, fired brass fired EOD rocket wrench cartridge
12.7x99 50bmg Argentina AP 12.7x99 04FLB85
12.7x99 50bmg Austria blank HP * * 12.7mm 6pt, blue seal b/red brass
12.7x99 50bmg Belgium tracer .50 FNB 85 red tip 1s/1s
12.7x99 50bmg China ball 12.7 ST 92 brass Defense Technologies USA imported from NORINCO
12.7x99 50bmg Dominican Republic API 50 R D 56 white tip
12.7x99 50bmg Dominican Republic API 50 R D 56 white tip
12.7x99 50bmg Dominican Republic AP 50 60 brass Dominican AP (yellow tip) 50 60
12.7x99 50bmg France ball 12.7 I SF-1-81 ball
12.7x99 50bmg Germany SRTA-T DAG 79 red plastic tip brass
12.7x99 50bmg Holland API ?? .50 A AI 71 silver tip, pull marks reloads, no idea if correct, qty 2
12.7x99 50bmg Holland tracer EMZ 85 red tip 1k/1k
12.7x99 50bmg India NUPC O.K. 81 .50RMG none, berdan brass NUPC from OFV
12.7x99 50bmg Israel API T Z 79 blue/black
12.7x99 50bmg Israel APIT K N 74 (hebrew) blue/red/black
12.7x99 50bmg M17 Israel tracer PMJ 09 brown tip 1k c/red Probably IMI produced, for USA
12.7x99 50bmg Italy API BPD 57 AF 50 silver tip
12.7x99 50bmg Norway SRTA BF 88
12.7x99 50bmg Norway SRTA-T BF 88
12.7x99 50bmg Norway blank none red plastic, pot metal head planmil
12.7x99 50bmg Norway SRT-T BF 88 blue plastic
12.7x99 50bmg Spain API 12.7x99 SB 78 silver
12.7x99 50bmg Spain APIT 12.7x99 SB 78 red/silver
12.7x99 50bmg Sweden incendiary K48 20 GE4723 orange tip, black seal brass
12.7x99 50bmg Turkey API ?? 12.7x99 MKE7-63 silver tip, pull marks reloaded, no idea if correct
12.7x99 50bmg Turkey API ?? 12.7x99 MKE8-64 silver tip, pull marks reloaded, no idea if correct, qty 2
12.7x99 50bmg Turkey API ?? 12.7x99 MKE12-64 silver tip, pull marks reloaded, no idea if correct, qty 3
12.7x99 50bmg UK ball K 77 .50
12.7x99 50bmg UK Tracer - dark SR .44 .50 grey tip
12.7x99 50bmg UK ball K.53 .50 3Z
12.7x99 50bmg USA AP plate test F A 41 silver/black
12.7x99 50bmg M20 USA APIT L C 9 2 red/silver UGLY
12.7x99 50bmg M20 USA APIT T W 5 3 red/silver
12.7x99 50bmg USA M23E1 T W 5 blue/grey
12.7x99 50bmg USA API KS 43 black tip 1k brass
12.7x99 50bmg FAX50-1707 low velocity test load USA ball F A 52 1k brass
12.7x99 50bmg WRA extruded case 1949-1950 USA ball WRA * * 50 1k brass
12.7x99 50bmg USA ball CAL 50 FA 38 1k brass
12.7x99 50bmg M33 USA ball L C 6 8 1k brass
12.7x99 50bmg USA Incendiary 4 3 TW missing blue 1k/1k brass missing tip color, poor shape
12.7x99 50bmg USA blank L C 4 brass
12.7x99 50bmg USA blank L C 8 1 brass
12.7x99 50bmg M1, ball USA ball CAL 50 FA 33 brass FA
12.7x99 50bmg M1, ball USA ball CAL 50 FA 38 brass FA
12.7x99 50bmg USA ball MITCHELL .50 BMG
12.7x99 50bmg USA ball S L 45
12.7x99 50bmg USA ball 4 5 T W
12.7x99 50bmg M2 AP USA AP KS 43 brass M2 AP
12.7x99 50bmg M2 AP USA AP SL 43 1s brass M2 AP
12.7x99 50bmg M2 AP USA AP 45 TW brass M2 AP
12.7x99 50bmg USA SSB 4 5 T W SSB10
12.7x99 50bmg USA ball R A 43 ball brass junk,
12.7x99 50bmg USA ball S L 45 ball? brass junk,
12.7x99 50bmg USA/UK tracer RA 1940 .50 CAL Z faint tracer color bullet looks crooked, fired case, blackend or patina?
12.7x99 50bmg USA/UK ball RA 1940 .50 CAL Z
12.7x99 50bmg Yugo ball IK 07 50
12.7x99 50bmg Yugoslavia API NK 1957 black/red 1s b/black
22 LR tracer Super X orange tip orange tip tracer
22 TCM Phillipines JHP AP 22 TCM Armscorp - Phillipines compnay
22-35 win
22/30 homologous USA ball WCC 54 simplex ball electric
221 rem
223 rem ball FC 223 rem
270 WBY Mag 17 rds + box
276 pedersen ball FA 29
30-06 7.62x63 USA blank T W 5 4 red wad b/red brass qty 9 linked
30-06 7.62x63 USA AP DEN 43 black tip b/red brass qty 2
30-06 7.62x63 USA Incendiary EW 42 blue tip b/red brass qty 4
303 british 7.7x56R France ball VE 1 54 C black seal black seal brass 2
32 H&R 85gr commercial JHP 1.5 boxes
38 special tracer REM-UMC 38 SPL no cannelure red tracer,
38 spl marker IVI 38 FX
38 spl ball FC 57 2
38 spl ball REM UMC 38 SPL 2
38 spl ball WCC 66
38 spl ball RA 62
4.6x30 Italy AP GFL 4.6x30 black steel copper, red seal, crimped brass
44mag hotshots contender 2 boxes
45 ACP USA shotshell R A 4
45 Colt - CAD blank none b/red head brass blank for parker ballistic flarer or other large nail driver
45-70 LRN F 4 91 LRN b/tinned brass tinned 45-70-500 F-4-91
475 Wildey Mag JHP WILDEY 475 MAG inert
5.45x39 dummy 270 79
5.45x39 ball 60 85
5.45x39 ball 3 96
5.45x39 ball 270 88
5.45x39 ball 539 76 inert
5.56x45 USA SRT OMA 88 blue plastic n/none aluminum SRT, Omark Industries, lewiston indiana
5.56x45 USA incendiary LC 86 blue tip, fat profile b/none brass commercial incendiary
5.56x45 M196 tracer LC 67 b/purple brass
5.56x45 M196 tracer L C 8 4 b/??
5.56x45 China ball C J 92 b/none brass
5.56x45 Yugoslavia ball IK .223R green paint, magnetic b/red brass commercial IK/igman
5.56x45 USA blank LC 87 (scamp marks) blank b/?? brass qty 9 linked
5.56x45 ball LC 69
5.7x28 SS190 Belgium AP 5.7x28 FNB 00 brass SS190 - black tip
5mm mag rimfire JHP U JHP segmented
6.35 FAT115 duplex duplex ball WCC 5 9 green tip duplex
6.45x48 ball 5 T T 81
6.5x50SR T38 Japan ball none CN Spitzer red neck seal b/none brass red neck color, triple staked primer
6.5x52 Carcano Austria ball * 1936 RN ball CN brass Hirtenberger for Italy
6x45 SAW experimental USA ball FA 73 b/red steel
7.62x38R Nagant ball 38 39 FMJ
7.62x39 tracer 539 K green
7.62x39 ball egyptian 2
7.62x39 tracer egyptian might still be some 2 different types green tip
7.62x39 tracer 87 2 green tip romanian
7.62x39 commercial incendiary 71 93 blue tip
7.62x39 commercial I-T 711 94 red over green
7.62x39 HP 2 3 94
7.62x39 JSP winchester
7.62x39 tracer 6 winchester
7.62x39 ball 539 58
7.62x39 ball 270 K
7.62x39 ball 964 75
7.62x39 hansen commercial IMI 3 boxes
7.62x39 Russia tracer 711 81 CWSC
7.62x51 ball 8 IVI69 NATO
7.62x51 ball FA 64 MATCH
7.62x51 ball NATO FC 62
7.62x51 ball NATO TW 68
7.62x51 blackened dummy NATO LC 69
7.62x51 XM??? overhead fire 5 FA 62
7.62x51 AM32 blue DAG DAG 7.62x51
7.62x51 AM32 white DAG 70-2 DAG 7.62x51 70-2
7.62x51 M60 USA proof ⊕HP LC 61 1k n/red tinned
7.62x51 M60 USA proof ⊕HP LC 62 1k n/red tinned
7.62x51 China ball C J 88 none/berdan
7.62x51 Germany SRT DAG 7.62x51 blue plasti
7.62x51 Germany SRT DAG 9-63 white plastic
7.62x51 M61 USA AP ⊕ LC 55 black tip 1s/1k b/red brass
7.62x51 Bulgaria ball 10 69 red seal b/red CWSC
7.62x54 Mauser Argentina ball IMPA 1946 b/green brass
7.62x54r tracer BXN 55
7.65 mauser ball FAMMAP 1947 SF
7.7x58 SR ball none pink neck
7x49 ball FN 55 Second optimum - Ball “S12”
7.92x33 ball Czech ball 04 59
7.92x33 ball German ball 2 45 dou-st+
7.9x57 ball German 4 44 dom st+ ball b/blue
7.92x57 Belgium FN 56 black tip, black sealant acid washed?
9x19 ball Israel ball 25rd box 195/69 subgun only
9x19 tracer Israel tracer IMI 9mm CARB red tip
9x19 ball Israel ball IMI TZS 86 black tip
9x19 ball Czech ball “+ + 4 51” CN steel
9x19 ball Czech ball * 12 49 CN brass
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