WTS Soviet/Ukrainian/Russian deactivated ammunition & cases

Offering for sale some Soviet / Ukrainian / Russian deactivated ammunition and cases (some cases are not formed): soviet silence cartridges PZ (Name “Snake”, 2 modification), ukrainian special cartridges 5,45x39, different ukrainian/russian non charged cases etc. All foto in my Sale album: s601.photobucket.com/user/Ukrain … for%20sale
All iteams are in Europe. Payment “Western Union” system. All prices are in PM or Email ( inertammo@gmail.com )
Want at my collection of original german exp. cartridge 9x18 Ultra made in the 1930s.

New lots.
PZ & PZAM cartridges with fired cases
5,45 x39 with armor-piercing tracer (Russia)
5,45 x39 enhanced penetration (Ukraine)
5,45 x39 branded 197[color=#FF0000]2[/color].

(Lots in Germany)

New Year - New price :)