WTT 20mm Exp Frangible non-ricochet Projos the 60's


These were developed by AAI for the AF in conjunction with other non-ricochet type projectiles for use in the M61A1 gun system. In late 50’s into late 60’s AF was having problems with ricochet and fragment strikes on aircraft. This projectile passed all tests EXCEPT the “hot gun” test. They could not stand up to burst firing from M39 or M61 gun systems. I have a copy of the Patent. Works great in a 20mm M102 ctg case single shot! If interested I want to trade WWII US, German or Japanese 20mm projo’s projectiles.


how much do these weight ?


61grams or
939.4 grains

Filling is ultra small beads unk powdered material.


how many of these do you have ?