WTT: INERT Russian & Soviet ammo (rare in the West)



I would like to trade some of my inert ammo listed below; I’m interested in various experimental and rare military cartridges from late 19th century and until now, caliber 15mm and less.

Some items I’m looking for:
15mm flechette load for Steyr IWS-2000
15mm BRG-15 (early versions)
5.56mm and 12.7mm folded path
5.56mm Hughes chicklet
5.56mm Steyr SCF (for ACR rifle)
5.56mm LSAT polymer-cased
.44 QSPR
integrally suppressed (captive piston) .30 cal ammo
MBA microjets and finjets
various SALVO multi-ball rounds
H&R triple-flechette TROUND for SPIW
sectioned SPIW ammo
7.92x107 Maroszek
5.56 MARS
5.56x38 FABRL
Mondragon ammo

other rare and interesting military ammo offers are most welcome. Please note that I live in Russia and can legally collect and trade only INERT ammo

My offers (all photos are clickable for bigger size):

Russian hunting & sporting ammo: 9.3x64, 9x54R, 6.5x54R, 5.6x39

Soviet 7.62x35 SP-3 internally suppressed captive-piston ammo in clips, and an intact original carton box

Soviet internally suppressed captive-piston ammo: 9x93 PMAM fired case, 7.62x63 PZ in clip, 7.62x40 SP-4 fired case

4.5x40R underwater ammunition for SPP-1 pistol (two sets of fired case and unfired projectile, plus one spare prjectile)

Soviet experimental ammo: 10/4.5x54R FSDS for experimental machine gun and 6x49 unified (unfired case + unfired “proof” bullet + fired ball bullet) NB6x49 is already in reserve!

9x39 subsonic ammo: SP-5 sniper ball, SP-6 AP, SPP accurized AP (blue tip), sectioned SP-6 AP plus some fired cases and bullets

full carton box (10 rds) of SP-5 sniper ball rounds. Box is intact and unmarked. Can be traded as a set or separately

Please email your inquiries or offers to “shooter @ guns . ru” (remove spaces) or PM via this site

From Russia with love.