WW 2 .30 carbine ammunition produced for the Chinese?

I have a single round of .30 carbine ammunition headstamped “WCC carbine 30” that was labled “rare WW2 Chinese contract.” There is no date in the headstamp. I have been unable to find any information about this cartridge on the internet, in the I.A.A. Forum, or in Woodin’s book, HISTORY OF U.S. MILITARY SMALL ARMS AMMUNITION VOLUME 11. Can anyone shed some light on this cartridge? Thanks.

Hi Bill
As I remember that is a very uncommon round & I believe it was produced for a Chines contract, but WW II, I don’t know.

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The Headstamp is a typical Winchester commercial H/S for export to Military Buyers during and after WW II.

The Chinese Nationalists (Kuomintang) did not begin receiving US semi-auto rifles and carbines until 1946-47; and ammunition supplied was either old wartime stock (Military headstamp) or new Manufacture ( commercial headstamp). From Chinese (PLA) sources in the 1980s and 90s, we (Australia) have received Repacked Wartime US.30 cal ( wax paper wrappers, 20 rounds in 5 round clips) and 50 round packets of both Military and “Lend Lease .45ACP” along with Chinese made .45ACP and .30/06 ( 20 round pasteboard packs). Except for the “counterfeit” "LC52 berdan primed .30 carbine from china, ( made in the 1970s) we have not seen any US .30 carbine ammo, either Military or Commercial…I would say it all went to Vietnam in the 60s and 70s, along with all available Carbines…the Chinese (PLA) even attempted to make their own M1 Carbines, probably for export or Police use…some receivers have shown up in the US in the80s.

It is recorded in various Old texts regarding the US and the Post-war Chinese Revbolution, that the US Gov’t was selling Factory ammo to the Chinese at ten times the manufacturing cost ( ie, $84 per 1000 instead of $8,40 per 1,000) This rip-off of a supposed ally also occurred with other military stores as well. And CKS paid in Gold and Silver Bullion as well.

Doc AV

Hi Bill
checked my notes now that I’m home & it is for a Chinese contract, but no date recorded. It’s quite uncommon here in the U.S. with the Carbine before the 30 as it’s commonly found as 30 CARBINE from a number of makers.
In fact it’s my only one with that layout. Seems I paid the exorbitant amount of $25 for that headstamp. (a fool & his money?)
DocAV’s above post may give you a place to start in looking for a time.
Dan Shuey might also be a good person to contact.