WW 2 75mm shell case

My uncle was in the 9th Armored Division in WW 2 and gave me a shell case from his tank. Would like to know what the markings on the base mean:

75 DE C ATE 654L 18 Ky

Would appreciate any info about this.


Well, it’s a 75mm shell, but not from a tank, and not WW2.
It’s a french case for the 75mm fieldgun M1897 ( 75 DE C= De Campagne)
ATE= Atelier de Fabrication de Toulouse (manufacturer)
654L= Lot number
18= year 1918
Ky= problably misread: Ry= Etablissements Rey Fr

Thanks for your information. I appreciate it. Your answer was quite a shock. I obviously have the wrong uncle. I did have an uncle in France in WW 1 but always thought it was from my WW 2 uncle.

That’s what makes researching so interesting, you never know where it will take you.