WW I German 7,9 Labels?

Dear all Label collectors…following some PatronenTaschen Labels ( 300 round “battlepacks”) and “PatronenKasten” labels of WW II dates, etc, (1500 round crate), I was wondering if anybody had either originals or photos of WW I labels of similar usage…the “German Army 1918 Order of Battle” describes the 15 round packet, the 300 round sleeve, and the 1500 round case of ammo as the normal issue and used for ammo distribution calculations, by unit etc.

As I am researching for a WW I film, it would be handy to have some photos of the packets, sleeves and chests of 7,9 ammo of WW I, in order to copy them for set dressing. ( and even computer generate our own labels etc.)

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I can make no better recommendation than Dieter Storz’s superlative book “Rifles and Carbines 98”, which has plenty of pictures of WWI labels for all quantities from individual packets to outer cases.

If you do not have it or have difficulty in obtaining it in Oz I am sure Dieter would not mind me posting a few scans with credits.



Here are some different of my 15,20,300 round boxes and one 1500 round crate.
There are a lot of different labels but the boxes and 300 battlepacks have the same
design as the WWII boxes.


TonyE and 451kr,
Thankyou for the replies. I have been trying to contact Dr. Storz at the ArmeeMuseum, Ingolstadt, but with little success ( also regarding T18 Canvas Ammo Bags, and l-MW 1916 n.A.7,58cm and other matters relating to WW I).

I will definitely ask him to purchase a copy of his book/s, since we need to do some quite deep research for this Movie. ( The Aussie side is quite well catered for, but the German side needs a lot of detail for the Trenches.)

TonyE, if you could just send an Email to Dr. Storz from your end, maybe he will “heads Up” to my emails. My contact is info@avballistics.com.au

Doc AV
AV Ballistics Film Ordnance Service

I don’t know if this helps.


[quote=“SteveF”]I don’t know if this helps.



can anyone comment the last label posted by SteveF with lot number 1945 tko 7 : the label is marked with rubber stamp “gefertigt am 17. März 1944” although components are dated 1945 ?

Just a mistake in the rubber stamp for the year ?



Because the Germans suspected the allies identified some factory codes, some of them were changed at the end of 1944, beginning 1945.

One of them was “edq” DWM Lübeck. In the beginning from 1945 they used the new code “tko”.

Also… the rubber stamp had a wrong date.