WW II German ammo

My Small WWII German collection


Steve, the third from the left is a 20x110RR Oerlikon. The projectile there does not go on this case, it belongs to a MG FF or MG 151 case (like No 4,5 and 6).
The projectile for the Oerlikon case is longer than the others. Your case here was likely made in Czechia when it has German acceptance marks or by “guy” (Switzerland). There then the original Oerlikon designed projectile was loaded.
In Germany produced Oerlikon cartridges have usually steel cases and a projectile which is differing from the Oerlikon design.

  • @ stevef: Don’t you have a German 37X263B in your collection??? Liviu 03/16/09


Is this the round in question? Unfortunatly I cant seem to remove the projectile…I hope someone didn’t glue it in, Here is the H/S.


No I dont have one yet.


Steve, as said it does not belong on a 20x110RR case.

Is cartridge no. 4, from left, the MG151/20? JG


Yes M/G 151/20 API 20x82


Steve: Thanks for the ID. At one time I had a few of the larger rounds but neither the MG151/20 nor the Japanese Ho5 20 m/m and was curious how much (or little) alike they were. By comparing your image with Guy’s I can see that they aren’t as nearly similar as I’d imagined. JG