WW II Shell Casing Vase

I picked up a beautiful vase yesterday at a local thrift store for next to nothing that appears to be made from a WW II 40mm shell casing. The markings on the base are extremely light, however, using a couple of loops, a bit of 0000 steel wool, and a magnifying glass I was able to read them. I am curious as who was the manufacturer and any other identifying information gleaned from the markings which are:
Outer base: F.S.C. ⚓Lot 328
40 M M - MK 2 Mod 1

Primer Ring: LS - 81 - 17
11 - 62

Many thanks. All comments welcomed.


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This vase was once an original 40 mm Bofors. No doubt the specialists will tell you more about this one.

The 40 mm Mk. 2 Mod. 1 case was manufactured in 1945 by Florence Stove Co., Kankakee, Illinois -not by Fisher Spring Co. or Fulton Sylphon Co.- and the M28B2 primer in 1962 by Lone Star Army Ammunition Plant, Texarkana, Texas.



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Thank you both for your replies and info. Whoever transformed this shell casing into the vase it is today must have devoted a lot of time in doing so. I will enjoy it more after my wife puts some colorful silk flowers in it. Thanks again.