WW1 30-06 victory cartridge

does anyone have any info on there ever being a WW 1 30-06 commemorative victory cartridge? i have come across a display box that has one in that has one labeled as such. it has what looks like a little shield attached to case showing what maybe a flag and eagle. Thanks Ron

you mean like these

yes has the same badge on it. i cannot find any info and maybe im calling it the wrong thing. any info would be appreciated. thanks

could you post a picture of the box?

sorry no box it is just in a display case of a bunch of vintage military cartridges. i will try to get a closeup or see about getting it out and some photos.

I have similar rounds with insignias on them in caliber .45 Auto. I have always thought them to be commercial “souvenir” ventures. I have a similar factory-made item, a little “sea-shell” shaped ash tray-like bowl with a small “Verdun” plaque attached, and supported by legs made from fired German WWI cases with a mock (non-original) bullet in them. I had two identical ones originally, with different headstamps on the cases. I have since parted with one of them. These were obviously commercially produced; they were not true “trench art.”

I cannot supply any better name for these items than the one Hittinsteel has applied, and have no idea when they were made, except from headstamp dates which on the ones I have or have had, they are a World War One phenomena. I have not observed any cartridges like them from the WWII era, although that certainly does NOT mean they don’t or can’t exist. I also don’t know who made the ones that appear to be an American product, but all that I have seen seem to have a patriotic theme.

John Moss

when Im not a new user i will post some photos. thanks for Info John.

I take these as what is normally called ‘trench art’ - a lot of trench art was made by companies for sale to the soldiers and civilians.

That is just my opinion tho…

It is quite usual to refer to even the factory-made stuff to be called “Trench Art.” I have just gotten used to differentiating between those pieces made up for sale, and the actual art work created by soldiers finding something to do between moments of terror while under attack.

The term “Trench Art” is actually a convenient way to describe this sort of thing no matter who made it.

John M.

actually my next 30-06 corner in the IAA journal is about trench art.
wait and see



I agree. Fundraising was one of the purposes too. The so called “cathedral-cases”, empty cases with a plaquette of some destroyed (French) cathedral on it, were sold for raising rebuilding-funds after the war had ended. That has, in my opinion, nothing to do with trench-art. Looking forward to René’s article.

Thanks for all the info! Heres a quick photos.

Does the bullet come out & does it have a wooden pencil in the base of it?
It should come out with your fingers.

bullet is to tight to pull with fingers and has what looks like a spent primer. Seems maybe whoever put this display together copied something they had seen before.

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although bad but still visible in my picture: both my rounds with the shield have a small ring attached to the primer
and the bullets are secured to the case. The ones with the surprises inside will be in my article.

there is (at least) one mistake on your board: the orange tipped 30-06 is not an A.P. Tracer but a Tracer M25


Thanks René. i will try to fix it when i get a chance.

Mine also has the ring & a surprise inside. looking for your surprises in the article.