WW1 .303 rifle grenade cartridge, which mark?

Next cartridge seem to be a .303 rifle grenade cartridge made from a .303 cartridge purple label case.
Total weight of the cartridge is 212,19 grains. You can hear the powder moving in the case when shaking. The case is closed with un inverted cardboard cup covered with tallow. As far as I know in WW1 all grenade cartridge where filled with cordite or ballistite. A cordite load will not move if shaked, so it should be a ballistite load, but the top half of the case is not blackened. Nor Peter Labbett or Tony Edwards spoke of a grenade cartridge loaded with nitrocellulose in WW1 in their books… Would like to hear what you think about it.


The case looks to have been cleaned in some kind of rotary case spinner, if you look closely it has marks all around the case as if been cleaned with an abrasive pad. I am 99% certain you have a Balastite grenade cartridge there. Nice case though.



That make sense, thank you richard!