WW1 7.62x54r AP?

Hi everyone,

Recently picked these 5 rounds up together with the DM stripper clip for 9Eur. Does anyone have more information on them? Are these rare? Do you think it was a good deal? Thank you.

Sorry didn’t mean to put that .303 British in there!!

Well done, definately worth the expense!

When you pull the bullets you may check the bases for the exact model then.

Thank you, I don’t really want to pull the bullets but here’s what they should look like:

There is also “open base” types. Hence my remark.

I wasn’t aware that there were two models of bullet. Does anybody have a drawing or sectioned photograph of these AP bullets?

To me the primers don’t look like just snapped. Are you sure the bullets belong to those cases?


Jim, here a not very good image from the web. This is all I have.

BTW, there is plenty of Russian ammo which is basically unknown in the west.

It’s WW1 Russian AP projectile very good deal in ecra meeting is the value from 50 eur up congratulations

Use Google translator!



Here are better pictures. All of them have crimping except 1 that is marked П 16 (I don’t think that they used crimping on regular L ball bullets?). The cartridges are in the same order in both pictures.

Blimey Brian! How ever do you manage to keep finding these useful links?

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The charger is scarce too … it’s a bit corroded but First War, marked examples are hard to find in any condition, definitely a good find.


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