WW1 7.9x57 blanks

Hi guys, I have the WW1 7.9x57mm blanks shown in the photos below. Can anyone provide information regarding their purpose and their rarity/market value? Thank you



Can’t say anything about the one on the left. The lack of a rolled-over case mouth puzzles me. My understanding is the one with red base and neck is a practice grenade launching cartridge, while the one on the right is a tactical one. I have no knowledge of what specifications or lack thereof was the difference between the two. One guess, and that is all it is, is that the practice ones were made from reject cases, and the tactical ones were not. My only reason for even thinking that is that in many years of collecting 7.9 x 57, the collection now gone, I only found a couple of the tactical ones, but I had a whole slew of the practice ones, all with different headstamps.

I hope Dutch knows more about these than I did, and I will bet that he does. While I don’t collect 7.9s anymore, I still have an interest in them. I had a fair collection of them when various reasons caused me to bail out of them.

John M.

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There is a difference between “Treibpatrone” and “Treibkartusche”
One was used for a rifle grenade and the other for a grenade thrower.
The one in the middle (red one) is a “Übungspatrone für Granaten-Werfer.”
Taube-WW1 Üb

It is a practice cartridge. It was replaced in the practice grenade so it could be used several times.

#1 and 4 (CWS case) are practice rounds

The “life” grenade had a cartridge pressed inside already in the plant. You can see it on the markings from the cartridge. # 5 and 6.


The blue/black one is used to fire “Granat-Wurfminen” The cartridge is not filled with powder but with an explosive mix and is only be used for firing this type of grenades.

The green one, I have also one in the collection, and I am standing in the dark.

Perhaps a member of the forum can give some light.

The one on the right is used for firing a rifle grenade.



Thank you!

Thank you! Great photos!