WW1 French 37mm Tube cannon

does anyone know what type of projectiles where used with the case 37 X 201R, have the AP one -what else ? joe gatz CWO4 RT

The second round (counting from the left) of this group from the Ammo Photo Gallery on my website shows the Tube Canon case with a contemporary French incendiary projectile. This projectile was used in both the Tube Canon and 37x94R cases for use in guns fitted to French aircraft during WW1. It was used against observation balloons and airships.

did the french also use their common nose PD fuze type projectile ? a
seller in russia wanted to sell me a round which had the common french
WW1 37mm PD HE projectile in it. here in the US the short round with
the PD HE projectile is very common. some sellers even put them in US
WW1 37mm brass and state -complete original. so as you would say it is
up to the buyer to know what is correct. joe gatz

I have no evidence for any other projectile types in that case, but that doesn’t mean anything!

What is the round far right? Ive seen it before but never knew what it was.

It’s a replica of the Russian 57 x 93RB for the AGS-57 automatic grenade launcher. This has been shown on a wheeled ground mount and on an AFV, but it seems not to have been adopted. Range is 6,000 m, weight 250 lbs.