WW1 French 75mm artillery cases wanted for museum exhibit

Cross posted from the Buy Sell Trade page as a public service

The U.S. Army Artillery Museum at Fort Sill, Oklahoma, needs a large number of WW1 French 75mm brass shell casings as part of an exhibit of WW1 artillery use, to emphasize the high number of rounds fired.

Cases do not need to be in pristine condition. Prices need to be cheap, as their budget is limited, and donations are greatly appreciated.
If people are willing to donate, I can pick up shipping cost by providing prepaid UPS shipping label.

Or, drop by and deliver in person, it is a FANTASTIC museum! (I don’t think SKSVlad has given us a tour yet….)

Contact me by email or PM for coordination.


John, it is an awesome museum, even though it is very well hidden from the rest of the world. I did go there and posted photos at BOCN US Army Field Artillery Museum, Fort Sill, OK. The reason I post most of my museum “finds” at BOCN is that they allow me to post all the exhibits, including medals, banners, uniforms etc, so I don’t fragment the “show”.