WW1 German MG 08 and 08/15 unknown belt manufacturer



Today a difficult question !!

I have been researching the topic of German MG 08 and 08/15 belt makers for many years. So far I have been unable to identify one of the most important WW1 maker, namely the one coded RK or a logo with the “R” mirrored sticked to the “K”.

[color=blue]RK logo on MG 08 starter.[/color]

RK logo in circle on 1917-dated MG 08/15 belt

RK with standard letters on 1917-dated MG08/15 belt

This maker appeared end of 1914 on MG 08 belts and has been observed until at least 1917 on MG08/15 belts.
The same maker manufactured export belts in 1915-16 for Bulgaria for their Maxims in 8x50R.
Finally, still the same maker manufactured non-standard belts for maxims fitted with specific spacers in 1915 ; these belts bear the German marking “DRGM” which corresponds to “Deutsches Gebrauchsmuster”= “German Registered Design”. You will note that it is not a Patent but only a Registered Design. Looking through the various German Patents on belts did not allow to find any company with a name which could fit with the letters R and K. So far I have been unable to locate any source for German WW1 Registered Designs (DRGM).

Now this forum is my last chance to clarify this issue… otherwise my study on German MG08 and 08/15 belts will still contain the “RK” entry as “unidentified”.

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From an old Marks and Brand list for tools. May be a hint to hang on

R in einer Heckenrosenbl


Thank you very much for these hints. Good idea indeed to check the marks on tool makers.

Concerning the DRGM, unfortunately there is no number indicated on the belt, only the letters “DRGM”.

Thanks for the link on the tool maker website. If anyone wants to browse through this website, please note that the link posted was missing the last “l” in the extension .phtml. The correct link is :





What means the letter C and a crown


AV66: I don’t know the significance of the letter C, but the crown (which is above an imperfectly-stamped German-style Fraktur letter) is a German ordnance stamp indicating the belt had been accepted on behalf of the German armed forces. These crowned stamps actually survived the German empire by a number of years, being used into the 1920s. JG


They produced war goods even in WW.II (RAKA) and get an own WaA

number and code gmo

WaA204 gmo Rahm & Kampmann Kaiserslautern 1944

There are several plants in Wuppertal and Kaiserslautern. It was in fact a factory for leather goods. So they are well known makers of ammo pouches,
belts,helmet chin straps ect… So I think we solv that problem.


Great really Genkideskan ! I think indeed that we are getting closer to target !

Thank you very much ! I do appreciate your help !

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