WW1 Headstamp

I have been given a cartridge which was found in Hungary and believed to date back to the Great War. There a 4 markings arranged as quadruple elements at the 12, 3, 6 and 9 o’clock positions. Three of the markings being “H”, “5” and “15” are clear however the fourth mark is difficult to read. It could be 49S or 498 however, if the case is rotated the mark appears to be S or 8, followed by 6 then either a 7 or a 9.
Any help in identifying the case and history behind it is most welcome.

Welcome Bootnick as it seems your first message on this site.
Please can you show us a good picture of the cartridge? (19)15? H? My first thought goes to an 8 x 50 R Austrian Mannlicher but not necessarily from Austria itself. 50 means the length of the case, without the bullet. R means with rim. H? I’m not that specialist but it could be Bulgarian. Let’s wait to the specialists.

Hello Duqjans,
Yes this is my first posting on this site so thank you for answering me so quickly. Attached is a photograph of the headstamp which I hope will be of some help. As an observation, the percussion cap appears to have been struck on three seperate occasions.
Thank you in advance for your help.

Ok, that’s already something. Being not a specialist, I think this could be a German 8x57, standard ammunition of the German army in WWI. Case was made in May 1915 in, I think, Düsseldorf, Rheinische Metallwaren und Maschinenfabrik. S67 concerns about the amount of copper used in the case. Is it possible to measure your case, to place a picture of it? Does it come with a bullet or is it just the empty case?

Correct answer!

It was a round with an “S” (Spitzer) bullet.

Hello Dutch,

Thanks for the information.



Hello Duqjanns,
The information you have given me all adds up with the story I was given about the location of the find and the suspected age of the case.
Thanks again for your help.