WW1 or earlier German labeled packets of 7.92 or 8mm ammo

Iam looking for information on what the labels and the packets look like for the German ww1 or earlier period rifle ammunition (colour or black and white images & dimensions, manufacturers etc).
I`ve been told there are books on this exact subject but cannot locate - can anyone help?

There is a new book on the marked. Its in the german language. Its a very good book with many coloured pictures from the M88 to the S cartridge.
You can order this book by:


Thanks 451hr - I`ll give that a look.

This book also comes with a pamplet with the English language version of the text if you ask for it.

An excellent book and must have for anyone interested in military ammo. It is even a great help to an old 9x19mm guy because much of the steel case development and the case and bullet codes were also used on 9mm.

Cheers, Lew

Lew, thanks for the info - That was a another reason for thinking twice about this book - the english translation of it!.
But what you have said is what I was hoping for…

[color=darkblue]Thanks everyone for the info - if someone out there has a example for sale, I would like to know about it.
Happy collecting…[/color]