WW2 37mm artillery?

A friend of mine told me this is a WW2 37mm artillery shell, but I don’t know.
It’s 4-1/2" diameter and 50lbs of what seems like solid metal.

Well: 4.5 inches = 114 mm calibre, which is somewhat larger than 37 mm. Also, the projectile weight of a 37 mm is around 1 to 2 lbs. Exactly what it is I don’t know; could be either for naval or army guns.

Thats what I thought, the math doesn’t make sense.

Additional information may help.

Length of the projectile?

Are there numbers, symbols and/or letters stamped in the body of the projectile, the driving band (if present) or on the base of the projectile?

Does the nose piece unscrew? If so a picture of the interior of the shell may help and a picture of the base of the nose piece.

Is a picture of the base of the projectile possible?

I see no markings at all, very odd.

nose doesn’t unscrew.
measures 4-1/2" diameter
20" length