WW2 AP M2 Carton Question

I have been working on collecting one sealed carton of AP M2 ammo from each of the US WW2 manufacturers. I have one from each of the gov’t owned AAPs–Frankford Arsenal, St. Louis, Lake City, Des Moines, Eau Claire, Twin Cities, Denver, Utah. Eau Claire was hard. I just picked up one from Remington. So that makes 9.

Question is: is that all of them? To my knowledge Winchester (WRA) did not produce AP in WW2. The one I’m not sure about is Western Cartridge Company (WCC). I have a sealed carton of Ball ammo with a '45 headstamp, but I’ve never seen an AP carton from them in the WW2 timeframe, nor any loose AP rounds with a WCC headstamp. Thanks for the help.

Hi BZ7WM4,

Do you mean the .30-06 M2 Armour-Piercing or the 12,7x99 M2 Armour-Piercing?

I don

G.F. Marcello’s book lists “WCC 41” and “WCC 45” AP and C. Punnett’s book seems to support this information, especially the '41 date.