WW2 Draw Set - 50 cal - 30-06

Well todays my birthday and in the mail I received a package from my sister. A military hat christmas ornament ;) and this draw set!

I have been wanting one for a long time and to get one dated 1942 from TW was very exciting!




  1. How much should I clean it?

  2. I think it should be refurbished - should I hot glue them?


I can’t answer your questions - but wanted to comment that I wish my sisters would be so kind! VERY COOL set!

My 2 cents, if the draw set were mine I would:

a) Remove the pieces from the plywood, direct contact with wood is NOT a good idea.
b) Carefully clean/remove the dirt and assess the overall condition before trying additional LITE cleaning.
c) I personally would not use hot glue to remount unless applied very carefully and sparingly. Instead I would stay with wire and remount on top of felt (or similar material) placed on top of some type of backing but not bare wood. Or use a corrugated material (plastic) as the support/backing.



Great sister !!!

I have 7 sisters and none of them ever gave me a gift anywhere near that cool! Congrats.

I also wonder what went wrong with my sister!

Is it OK for me to forward this thread to my sisters?

of course, but it has to be your birthday too :)

Weimar: I checked with both of my sisters - they said it is okay with them if your sister wants to adopt me as her brother! Should I send a resume and photo? :-{) LOL

She said - I have three brothers, exactly what are you bringing into the family?

pre-WW1 boxes of 9mm (well, maybe she didn’t say that part)


Sorry I don’t know more about these sets, but I do have a museum background.
Before undertaking the conservation or restoration of this set, a curator would first assess whether the original mounting is part of the history of the piece. Was it mounted as a teaching tool in a factory or as a sales prop or was it mounted by a cartridge collector?
If the latter, then the display technique is really up to you. You might want to better arrange the pieces to demonstrate the drawing and assembly process. In my opinion, the more “invisible” the fasteners are the better. Whether mounting on glass, plexiglass, or other man-made materials (avoid acidic paper and laminated wood products, which release over time corrosive and poisonous gases) the rule of thumb is to use only reversible materials (so hot glue may be appropriate in some cases). Ferrous metals (iron or steel) probably aren’t a good idea because of the galvanic action that will inevitably result from their contact with brass.
If there is an original finish still present on the brass (e.g, lacquer) it’s probably best to lightly clean and apply a microcrystalline wax.
The use of abrasive cleaners (polish with suspended grit) could result in the lost of tool marks that might have value to future researchers and collectors. So be careful if you are considering buffing up this wonderful collection.

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This is all great information – thank you – I have not done anything yet.

I have a sonic cleaner and I am used to gently cleaning lugers, but ammo is newer to me in what to do, generally I leave it alone, but this needs some kind of preservation.


The images look like these items may be lacquered.
If i get any lacquered items i tend to clean them off with acetone or if necessary paint stripper.
They might just need a soapy water wash or solvent clean (ie,non abrasive),like in the ultrasonic cleaner.

I haven’t used my ultrasonic cleaner yet

Perfect reason, bit of soap and water from what I read

Weimar, the draw stages seem to have been painted with clear laquer. I would remove the laquer first with a capable solvent. The oxidized sections will not get cleaner by using an ultrasonic cleaner.

thank you - apprecaite it.


I hadn’t heard from my sister for over a year. But then on my Birthday she sent me a congratulatory text message but also asked if I could give her $500! Wanna swap sisters?

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I have no sister (or brother, sounds like a good thing) so I buy my own ammo. I do have a huge pile of various draws and I hope to organize one day (when?) and make such boards.

Cleaned last week with acetone - then I ultra-sounded them and wiped them down with bronze wool. They look pretty good.
Now to figure out how I want to mount them - I don’t think the mounting was any kind of professional job, as it is a piece of old plywood - and two smaller pieces were held on through a hole in the piece.
I am thinking some kind of corrugated with felt lining. I’ve done something like it, with the pressure of the glass holding them in.
I do think I will separate the 50 cal and the 30-06 to two displays?

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