WW2 Era Sealed Canisters Found Buried In Latvia With Material Possibly For German Sabateurs

Here’s the website article: http://копанина.рф/publ/1/tajnik_dlja_diversantov/5-1-0-558

Open in Google Chrome and use Google translator. Lots of photos including French Lebel revolvers, boxes of ammunition, flares, grenades, blasting caps etc. etc. all in pristine condition

Couple of photos of SFM made French 8 x 27mmR Lebel revolver ammunition from the article-



Pretty interesting Brian, thanks.

I was wondering why the thought is German saboteurs? Would they be using French pistols & ammunition? It would seem there is also German material in the cans, so perhaps local resistance?

I didn’t try to read the photo titles, as I don’t know how to get Google translate to function within a site. Just know how to cut & paste into a different window, & that would take me all day.


If you are using another web browser besides GOOGLE CHROME, copy the web page link I listed above and paste it in GOOGLE CHROME. When you open the web page in GOOGLE CHROME, after the page is loaded, a translate window should open in the upper right. Click on translate and the web page is translated for you. See the arrow pointing to TRANSLATE in the screen shot shown below.

Translated page after clicking on the blue TRANSLATE tab:

Hope this helps.


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Thanks Brian I’ll have to see if I can get that browser on my MAC.

Pete, it was the concepot of “stay-behind” troops and for locals which could start actions if an area got occupied.
Think of the CIA project “Gladio” in Europe.

The Germans used lots of captured equipment for such caches which also included many items which originally were air dropped by the allies to “their” saboteurs.
And as it still is today, when an armed formation is operating on foreign territory in this kind of environment it is always better to have other equipment than the own.
Again, some country we all know is doing this in extended perfection by just making up new items which are totally unknown (untill they will be compromised by use) and hardly can be traced.
This then allows for an independent supply (not having to capture stuff first) and also allows for tech. specs as per own requirements and not having to use what is around.
And I would not be surprised if similar items get made explicitely for one special operation and then never will be used again - depending on how sensitive the whole issue is.

I was told the GDR had such a project going with caches all over the former GDR territory which were highly classified and NOT documented as that would have contradicted the purpose. Means some of these caches (merely whole underground small-size bunkers with full equipment) are still to be discovered.

I read someplace that Soviet Cold-War caches were often booby-trapped…not something the average detector/collector would like to discover.

Thanks Alex, makes more sense now.