WW2 German 9mm Data


Does anyone know the specifics of WW2 German 9mm machine gun ammo, such as bullet weight, velocity, etc.?

Also what is the closest present day ammo that is available?
Is there any economical ammo that is close to the original such as, Wolf, Brown Bear, etc. ?



There wasn’t really ‘9x19 machinegun ammo’. All 9x19 pistols and machineguns used the same ammunition, although the P.08 pistol wasn’t too keen on lacquered steel cases.

Modern day ammunition like the Winchester White Box 115gr and Sellier & Bellot 115 and 124gr FMJ are pretty close to the old stuff, but without the wartime setbacks like the sintered iron bullet versions and the lacquered steel cases (brass is better :) ).


During WWII most 9x19mm ammunition used in German machine pistols like the MP-40 was loaded with bullets of 90gr-100gr (90gr for gray SE bullets and 100gr for mE bullets which were black through 1943 and in 1943-1945 were copper colored). Both types of loads had a muzzle velocity of about 1500 ft/sec from a 12.5" barrel.

Most of these cartridges had gray lacquered steel cases. Probably the closest current ammo is the 115gr loads made by lots of people. A couple are mentioned above. To burn through a German MP you can go cheap and use the Herters steel case (made in Russia) and the Wolf and similar loads. You are not out for target accuracy if you are useing a MP, even one that is semi-auto.