WW2 German ammunition sleeves packaging

As Ive been inventortying my colection plus extra things, It occurred to me tha I have never seena cardboard sleeve for the 7.9x33. Granted most of what I have or have seen is in 15 round boxes with and without stripper clips, and its all been either one box or maybe a few so not in original packaging beyond the individual boxes. Also some loose rounds as well. A lot of waht survived was repacked post war and reused in many places. I have several 7.9x57 sleeves and at least a couple of 9x19 sleeves that held the 16 round boxes as well. Does anyone have a7.9x33 sleeve/ or perhaps a picture of one? Or maybe someone knows how this amo wa packed beyond the 15 round boxes? I do hae a 20 round box and have seen a picture of one marked 14 rounds, so were they everpacked in sleeves?

Picture shown here:

John can you show your 20 box label.
I add some pictures with sleeves(Packhülse 88)



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Primer origin “edy” is obviously a misprint for “edq”.

There are but a lot of misprint?



and in the hla lots from 1945 hla 19 until 23 you can see the edq primer.

The other explanation would be that Armaturenfabrik [valves and fittings] Gebrüder Müller at Luckenwalde south of Berlin started making primers, which in my opinion is very improbable.
Making primers is a very dangerous business, requiring a lot of highly specialized know-how. Before they found a wet Sinoxid process after the war, RWS experienced explosions. Among the around 30 small-arms ammunition makers in Germany, only those who had already been primer manufacturers before re-armament of Germany made primers. Not a single outsider, not even Polte or the Kopp brothers, started to make primers. Therefore, in my opinion, the misprint-theory is the most plausible.

Thanks to all for sharing. I had never seen a 7.9x33 sleeve. Guess just never came across one. 7.9x57 and 9mm sleeves are more common at least thats been my observation. Lots of intersting info on 7.9x33 labels here. So was the label with “14” and "edy "both misprints? I have at least one with 20 for qty and many with 15 (15 Makes most sense as the magaxines held 30 rounds so two boxes filled a magazine.) It took me many years to obtain at least one headstamp code from each case maker. As I learned over the years, kam headtamped cases were never loaded in Poland. rather they were sent to other locatiosn and loaded (eej being one of them). These made an intersting side collection along my main interest in 9x19/auto-pistol, 7.9x57 and US military (along with Rifle and MG ammuntion from all over. ) At the moment, I’m looking at acquiring a qty of repacked 7.9x33 in boxes. dont know yet if I will or not! depends on whats in boxes.

Will have to pull out box and take photo. Dont have any at moment.

kam has loaded cartridges.I know 3 lots.

kam cases and bullets are only loaded by wa

eej used oxo and fva cases


There was also a famous steel plant making cartridges. (edp) :-)


Great example, thank you.