Ww2 german navy mechanical time fuze

My newest find. WW2 GERMAN NAVY MECHANICAL TIME FUZE ZZS/60 n.A. - This type fuze was used with various projectiles for all WW2 German Navy guns from 127mm to 406mm (5 inch to 16 inch). This was made in November 1939 and bears the eagle/swastika/M inspection mark of the Kriegsmarine

Made by Thiel in Ruhla (east Germany) a famous watch maker factory, they still exist. During GDR times they were planning to produce a variant of this fuze but the fall of the communist regime prevented it.

These were suposedly not used with the extra large calibers. These saw service in calibers from 88mm up to 203mm (mainly on illuminating projectiles). I Do not have access to my manuals right now so can’t tell all details.

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