WW2 Iowa Class Battleship 16" Gun Barrel Slice


The abandoned gun is still there at the test site in Barbados. Photo from wikipedia.


Thanks big time for the great photo, Falcon!

I’m totally saving it. It must have been difficult connecting the 2 giant, 280,000+ LBS barrels together and lining up the grooves and lands.



There are some more photos online.

I remember reading that the rifling was bored out of the barrels.


Thank you so much, Falcon!

Must have been quite a task removing the rifling and connecting those barrels! Where there’s a will, there is a way!



I am very excited, yesterday, I was given a barrel slice from a WW2 era, Navy 5"/38 CAL gun. Even better, it was the muzzel end slice with faint ID engraving markings. Now I have the all the barrel slices (Still have to cut the 20mm barrel i have pictured) to ad to this display to complete my desires to make this, “THE GUN SYSTEMS OF THE WW2 ERA IOWA CLASS BATTLESHIPS.” Very stoked! I will eventually cut the 20mm barrel at attach the other barrel sections to this stand.



Jason - every veteran regardless of branch, type of service, etc.,
owes you a debt of thanks for your efforts in preserving these
artifacts of your country’s military in a most beautiful, professional
and patriotic way. I do not recall ever seeing anything in a full museum,
quite as beautiful and respectful honoring those great ships, as is the
one you have pictured. And that from an Army guy.

John Moss



No words can properly explain how much your kind words mean to me, especially because you are VETERAN! Wow! Reading this made my day! I cannot wait to start getting creative to figure out how I want to include these other barrel slices but my brain is turning :-) So far, the stand and the 16" barrel slice weigh about 250 pounds lol!



Isn’t that a 20mm vulcan barrel? Don’t you want a 20mm Oerlikon and a 40mm bofors?

Edit: CIWS, duh… Don’t you also need a .50 BMG? :)


You may be write on the 20mm barrel! I have a lead on a Oerlkon. The 40mm I was told is a Oerlikon slice. To the best of my knowledge, the WW2 era Iowa Class was not formally fitted with 50 caliber guns? Thank you big time! I definitely need to do some more research it seems. Super grateful for your help.



You do already have a 40. Somehow I missed that.

The Iowas had 50bmgs that were replaced by the 20mm Oerlikons.

You’ll also need harpoon and tomahawk sections ;)


I am trying to make a display specifically for the IOWA class as fitted during WW2 so lucky I do not have to hunt down an inert Tomahawk, although, I’m not going to lie, I would LOVE one LOL. From all of my research, primarily on, "http://www.navweaps.com/Weapons/WNUS_Main.php," and a few IOWA Battleship books, they make no reference of 50cals being installed at that time? I know these ships have been redesigned with numerous armament upgrades and changes after WW2. I do have a cool 50 caliber barrel section from a WW2 era B17 that has a bullet stuck in its side I could ad if needed. Than you so much for your help with this.



All of the 50cals were replaced by 20mm Oerlikons. If you want WW2, then yeah, omit the 50cal/20mmCIWS.

Did they have any hedgehogs or other anti-sub defense?


I am not sure if they had Hedgehogs or other anti sub defensive weapons. At least those are not, “Gun Systems” so I should be good not including them. I do not think they did but will check some of my IOWA CLASS reference books that I have.




LOVE these photos, Gyro! Beyond thankful. So hard to imagine the bravery and overall “Badassness” of the crew on these ships! Such extreme history. Looks like he USS Albama had 16"/45 Cal barrels which I am guessing are almost inedible to the 50 Cal barrels just a little shorter? Beautiful pics! Hope you do not mind if I save them.



45 vs 50cal is 80" or over 6’!


Excellent info! Thank you so much. I always wondered what that measurement was between the two.



I have a 1939 edition of “Naval Ordnance,” the text used at the USNA. It lists only the 16" Mark I (45 cal) and the 16" Mark I Mod 1 (50 caliber). It says nothing about which ship classes they were used on, but it contains some excellent drawings of the breech mechanism.


That sounds so interesting, Dennis!

A friend of mine that is a US Navy Vet and that now runs a Navy Ordnance Museum in St. Luis, pointed me in the direction of this excellent web site on Navy Weapons and Gun Systems, “http://www.navweaps.com/Weapons/WNUS_Main.php .” It is great for finding out which ships used what gun systems and other weapons and at what time period. Some amazing photos as well. I have spent hours on this site :-)



I was able to have each of the ships crests 3D Printed in acrylic. I temporarily attached themm with double sided tape just to get an idea. I am thinking about putting 20mm barrel slices on each side of the crests. I was also given two different kinds of NAVY 5in projectiles that would be shot out of the 5"/38 CAL barrel slice I have that I will eventually incorporate along side a 40mm barrel slice. Its has taken me years of Nerding, but it is finally coming together :-) Hope to get the 20mm barrel section cut at my local Machine Shop soon.