WW2 Iowa Class Battleship 16" Gun Barrel Slice


Finally, I was able to permanently attach each of the 4 ships crests to the display. Now I need to incorporate all of the barrel slices of the 5"/38 CAL, 40mm and 20mm used on the ships as fitted during WW2. I am nerding on ideas :-)

PS: This display weighs over 200 pounds not including the 2 projectiles. My back is still hurting from moving it upstairs LOL


It’s a really nice display you have.


Thank you so much!



That is just about the most beautiful display of a cartridge-related object I have ever seen. It is something I would expect to see as an entry-way display at the Main Navy Building in Washington, D.C. or at a Museum at Annapolis Naval Academy, if they have one there.


John Moss


Super grateful for your kind words, John! This has taken me years to complete and ow I need to incorporate the other period correct gun barrel slices. I became obsessed working on it. I wrapped a custom made and welded box of armor plate steel with 1” thick teak wood. I used the same type of teak that was used as decking on the ships. It gave me an excuse to buy some serious carpentry tools, including a bad ass table saw, crazy clamps and saw blades lol. So heavy πŸ˜ƒ

PS: Your the best, John! Your complements mean a lot to me.