WW2 markings on 105 round .50cal metal ammo cans

Can anyone tell me if the WW2 105 round .50cal metal ammo boxes were marked up with the yellow stenciling or were they only marked up when they were re-packed. Any photos, pictures will be appreciated.

In WW2, the ammunition was shipped to the theatre in bulk, wooden crates, or large spam cans. Different units wanted different link ratios of different bullet types, so the bulk ammo was linked up in-theatre, so the arsenal stencilling we’re used to today wasn’t in use. Cans, consequently, just said CAL 50.
Later in the war and post-war, the cans were marked.

About the Viet Nam war era, ammo was linked at the factory in the cans & so marked. Units could only select from the pre-packaged link ratio options.

I could post numerous examples, but lost my photo hosting source this month.

Keith Pagel
Fifty Caliber Shooters’ Assn.

Thanks Keith for that information. When your web hosting comes up i wouldn’t mind seeing the pictures.

Were the WW2 cans the side opening style? Also, when was the change made to the front opening cans.


Sometime around the VN war. There was so much leftover from WW2 & Korea I’m not sure when the exact change was made. They were still using repacked WW2 cans in VN.