Ww2 steel 50 cal projectiles

Hello all
New to the group. My grandmothers wardrobe got a 50 cal projectile stuck in it I ww2 in Germany it appears to be solid steel but I do not find anything on the internet. Is this late war ammunition? Sorry no pictures of it yet.

Could this be the steel core of an armor-piercing bullet that had the jacket stripped off? I have several of these cores collected off machine gun ranges.

Picked this up at a gun show last month. 50 cal steel jacketed bullet. Will attract a magnet. Tom from MN

Almost all the .50 projectiles will stick to a magnet, but they are all either a copper jacket with steel components or copper clad steel jackets. Tom’s projectile looks like it’s been “tinned”, not a steel .50 bullet. The bullet could also be moly coated to reduce friction.

Unlike other small arms ammunition, the core of a .50 bullet isn’t lead, it’s either mild steel or hardened steel, depending on function. The M1 Tracer bullet is copper jacket with lead in the nose, the later tracers were copper clad steel jackets with lead in the nose. M1 incendiary had a steel sleeve inside a copper jacket. Ball was mild steel core, copper jacket. AP, API, APIT are copper jacket hardened steel core.

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