WW2 US Navy Aviation Ammunition Cart?

During WW2 the US Navy Bureau of Aeronautics (BuAer) had responsibility for design, procurement and support of aircraft and related systems, while its Bureau of Ordnance (BuOrd) had responsibility for aviation ordnance and support including design and procurement of torpedo skids, bomb carts and everything else with an Mk designation.
The tags on the hand truck shown in these photos identify that it was made during wartime by the Service Caster and Truck Co. of Albion, Michigan. An Albion, MI historical site says that during WW2, Service Castor produced “torpedo handling equipment, projectile trucks, and numerous types of torpedo testing equipment for the U.S. Navy.” A March 1945 US Navy Aviation Supply Office Catalog of Aeronautical Materials, Spare Parts and Equipment identifies the cart as a “Wagon Style Hand Truck” with 3,800 lb. capacity (see photo) and shows an illustration of it loaded with what could easily be mistaken for belted ammunition boxes headed to the flight deck of an aircraft carrier. Indeed, the cart is just the right size for a bomb lift on a WW2 aircraft carrier. Obviously though, the BuOrd would have never allowed the BuAer to have its own ammo cart. It would be interesting though to check out one of the hand trucks for aviation torpedoes just to be sure.

service truck (2)


This was probably procured for general material handling use, not necessarily for ammunition. Lots of stuff needs to be moved, even in ammo plants or military installations, that is not directly related to ammo.
Barrels full of machining scrap metal; replacement parts for machinery; pumps for the building mechanical systems; boxes for packing finished products; boxes of paper for packing material or reports; etc.
Of course, the same cart could be used to haul filled cans/crates of ammo, etc.

Mk13 Torpedo handling equipment is what I’ve been looking at. Including manufacture. After all, torpedo handling equipment for the Navy is what the company won an award for. I see three different hand trucks being used with the Mk XIII, including the one in this photo which might be the same hand truck. us_mark_13_torpedo