WWI .45 ACP What's it worth

I have 20 boxes of .45 ACP in a wooden box with a sliding lid that were my grandfathers from WWI.
10 boxes have the head stamp USC Co. 17
10 boxes have the head stamp REM UMC 18
Can any one give me an idea of what they are worth?

ccoffey3131–As individual rounds, in my opinion, they are worth not more than a $1.00 per round. However, the complete package of 20 rounds, unopened, would probably be worth quite a bit more. Not sure how much more, but I wouldn’t open them up.


I don’t collect the 45s but I do notice that full cartons are on the different auction sites all the time. What they actually sell for is the best indication of value. But, even that is very dependant on how many happen to be for sale at one time. 20 cartons, for sale all at once, will lower the price. Sold one at a time will raise the price.

Keep an eye on Gunbroker and Auction Arms and you’ll get a feel for what they are worth. Don’t go by those that show up month after month but never get a bid. Watch the ones that actually sell.

Good Luck


I’ve seen them sit on tables for a long time at $25+. The few I’ve actually sold went at $10-15. Keep in mind that condition is important, and there are numerous variations of those basic boxes.

Currently they seem to actually sell in the $20-25 retail range, maybe $29 for a really nice one shrink wrapped for display.

However, with the anniversary of WW1 beginning next year, I expect a huge increase in interest in WW1 stuff of all kinds, and expect $35-40 to be achievable then.

There are a lot of the 20 round boxes around, but a minority are actually WW1 era dated. The later ones will bring less, now and in the future.


I am not sure that the later boxes - WWII vintage - will bring less later, or even that they do now. Firstly, there is a much better variety in the post WWI boxes. Secondly, in the USA at least, my impression is that there is way more interest in WWII than in WWI, historically speaking. Most Americans don’t even understand the rather complicated alliances and causes for that war. I will admit, what I refer to as the “New Balkan Wars” (basically, the aftermath of the breakup of Yugoslavia) and the consequent return to the old country names and borders (Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzogovina,l Slovenia, etc.) seems to have helped the understanding of the WWI and immediate pre-WWI era among Americans

if you would like to sell a couple please pm me and maybe we can work something out

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This has been maybe 5 years ago, but I bought a couple of full but opened 20 round boxes of REM-UMC 18 HS’d .45 ACP for $5 each at a gun show. The boxes were and are fairly ratty, and the brass cases were heavily stained. I fired one box, and there were 4 or 5 duds. I did note the primers were slightly smaller in diameter than the typical “Large Pistol” size. I was able to ream the primer pockets out to the proper size for reloading the empty cases and the duds.