WWI AA battery


Which calibre is being fired?
The book is so big that I have problems capturing the photo and captions, thus 2 scans.


French 75mm ( Mle 1897, ?), the most popular Allied Field Artillery piece used in WW I, opposed by the similarly popular Central Powers German Krupp 7,7cm.

The “75” is instantly recognisable by the Muzzle Rollers which take some of the weight when in Full recoil.

THis gun was based on the deBang rotating breech Block, and the Mexican designer, Mondragon, worked on its design in the 1890-s at Puteaux Arsenal (Paris). Good gunners could get three shells in the air down range in succession, due to the quick fire sequence and automatic ejection.

The adaptation to High-angle shooting for AA use was a late War development.

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AV Ballistics.


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Is it my old eyes or are the shells that the two men in the foreground are holding are smaller than the French 75? In the background photo a gunner is holding a larger (looking) shell which no doubt fits the obviouse 75 beside him. Does anyone else think that these two men could be part of ANOTHER gun crew, just outside of the picture?

I wonder how the dog reacts to the guns going off.