WWI Aerial Flechette (10th) HELP on stampings!


Any ideas?


Salut Poivre, looks like DWM. stamp so probably related to the cartridges factory ?


I’m nothing resembling an expert, but I can see it being D.W.M., especially with the character to the left in your picture.

It might not be two separate characters (deer and crown?) It could be one incomplete stamping. I seem to remember D.W.M. having stylized Germanic/old English characters that would be stamped on certain things.


The “M” does not look like anything I saw before made by DWM.


This is a veeeeeery long drawn thought and possibly completely unrelated, but here’s a link to a chart of P '08 Luger markings. Note #15:
If you rotate the flechette so that the tail is down and the point is up, the “acorn” top looks like the crown above the “S” shape.

Of course I could be looking at it upside down.
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