WWI Aerial Flechette (40th) British "little guy"



Are 40+ separate threads, one for each individual item, REALLY necessary or permitted? The front page is now entirely cluttered.


I think the frontpage will settle by itself as soon as people will post in other threads. Just wait 1 day.

Having so many similar items in one single thread will make it impossible to know who is talking about what then.


Yes Tennsats, I wrestled with the most pleasing approach and settled on the multiple threads (40) so they could be renamed as needed; searched and used as reference as needed. One huge “single” thread would be difficult to search/reference and comment on, (but would have been much easier for me to create!) As the Executive Board of the IAA discussed creating and embracing a world wide forum; the universal goal was to provide an educational and research reference base for those looking for answers. As EOD notes; it will settle itself out; in spite of me planning to add 8 more variations tomorrow. I have already had a few PM’s and await other feed back; corrections and identifications.

The IAA BOD appreciates all who participate in the Forum and all the IAA volunteers who manage the ever growing and popular tool of the IAA.

We continue to hope it fuels interest in the hobby and draws people to join the IAA for the benefits membership offers.


Maybe you deserve your own sub-board for this project haha. I’m glad you posted them, I’ve never looked at any aerial flechettes