WWI Aerial Flechette No More ! (I'm "out")


I do have the “feather-tailed” large heavy examples (will be in the SLICS display)

Keep the thoughts coming…thanks for the PM’s & e-mails

scans of articles…drawings…artwork are all welcomed

I’m afraid that much historical reference has been lost to time and maybe lies in the basements of many small period museums.

I wish I could read the various French articles I’ve been sent !!! (working hard on Google & Microsoft translate !


Pepper, now you got me curious, what will be the feather tailed one???



Perhaps these:

Missing image from the above listed thread.




That’s examples of them …quite a few have been turning up

I have three…a single and an awesome set of two in a vintage box.


I think we discussed these before.

To my understanding these are classroom models for demonstration of fin stabilization/stabilized flight of projectiles in general. No relation to flechettes.

I saw such ones in old Russian manuals.