WWI commemoration 1914-2014

100 years ago (June 28,1914) Gavrilo Princip used .380ACP pistol to kill a royal couple. The ensuing war lead to countless suffering and also development of many guns and amminition being discussed at this forum. All of us were personally influenced by that event either directly or through resulting WWII and the Cold War. To commemorate those events and millions of lives lost, I am posting these reproductions of Versailles Treaty documents. RIP people we’ll never meet.


It became law in Germany on 16 July 1919, running to 663 pages in the official publication (Reichsgesetzblatt).

WOW!! Only 663 pages of law to sum up the cause of a war, the affixing of blame and the punishments/re-numeration. Can’t even sneeze without twice that many pages of either law or regulations now a days. Oh, for the simpler life. Thanks, Vlad and J. Cheers, Bruce.