WWI early ammo collector in France


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Sadly his motivation would have been scrap metal.


Looks Like Krupp 77mm cases…wish I had some of those now, for a 77mm Krupp field giun in an upcoming movie (WW I period)…

Can anybody supply me with specification Designs of the Krupp 7,7cm Shell case? in any language…as long as the dimensions are readable…

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Doc AV


I would think part of his motivation would have been his ability to plow that field without being blown into next Thursday. Jack


That problem still exists today, every year when they plough the fields more stuff comes up and another pile of rusty shells appears on the side of the fields. Even after all this time. The tractors usually have a thick steel plate welded on the back.

Collectors know when ploughing time is and go over to walk the fields for fresh finds before they get taken by anyone else. Although knowledgeable they are not really our kind of collectors. Not adverse to picking up the odd skull some of them. Buttons and uniform buckles, shoulder regimental badges are particular prized. Bayonets and rusty rifles (which are still illegal even though inoperable in Britain and still government property get squirreled away) People have been seen loading live rusty shells into the backs of their cars and driving off with them.